Licensing and Costs

SimpleStow software and supporting services are licensed per computer on a yearly subscription basis.

The highlights of the SimpleStow license agreement are as follows:

  • One month free trial license is offered to new users for familiarization and evaluation of the program. The free trial license includes fully functional software and access to the on-line services and ship models database.
  • One valid license allows unrestricted use of the software on one computer and access to the web-based services.
  • The license is purchased on a subscription basis with the renewal term of one year. Users can purchase multi-term licenses.
  • No restrictions on number of ship models developed by the user or downloaded from the AMT web server.
  • Software updates and technical support are provided through the period of valid license.

For more details please read the entire End User License Agreement.

The costs of running SimpleStow are very competitive.

NO upfront investments required to start using SimpleStow.

You can put SimpleStow to work immediately simply registering and opening your account on the AMT web site and using the system free of charge for the period of one month.

If you find SimpleStow suitable and beneficial to your business, you can continue using it upgrading to a standard license for the annual fee of US$1,295 per license.

The costs of a standard subscription are comparable to the annual maintenance and technical support costs of other software with similar functionality, but you don't have to make significant upfront purchasing investment.

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