Stability Software

SPS for Heavy Lift Ships

In addition to its advanced general cargo planning functionality, SPS for heavy lift ships provides a set of tools designed specifically for load planning of oversized and overweight cargo, and simulation of loading operations on the ships equipped with heavy lift cranes.

Main window of stowage planning program SPS for heavy lift shipsExtensive graphical capabilities of SPS provide realistic visualization of cargo, stowage space, obstacles and ship’s structures. SPS 3D graphics complimented by sophisticated mathematical engine makes simulation of loading oversized and heavy cargo look like a videogame.

Crane controlling interface in SPS for heavy lift shipsCentral to the heavy lift operations in SPS is the crane functionality. SPS enables the user to hook-up a cargo unit to a single crane or two cranes simultaneously, and move it in to position either dragging it with the mouse, or manipulating crane’s control parameters. In the process the program calculates and performs control over all limiting parameters:

  • crane outreach;
  • crane(s) SWL at current range;
  • height of cargo above the deck;
  • cargo clearance from ship’s structures and previously loaded cargo.

Real-time feedback from SPS in both numerical and graphical formats facilitates cargo planning operations. The user can monitor from different angles the movements of cargo and cranes rendered in 3D isometric view.

When linked to the Autoload hydrostatics module SPS instantly updates parameters of the ship’s stability and reflects ship’s floating position in the water in the 3D view.


The Summary of Key Functions

In addition to the entire breakbulk stowage functionality SPS offers planning tools specific to the oversized and heavy cargo:

  • Graphical rendering of cranes and odd-shaped project cargo;
  • Simulation of crane operations in plan, profile and 3D isometric views;
  • Control and manipulation of crane’s parameters in real time.
  • Drag cargo hooked to a crane with the mouse, or move it manipulating crane’s control parameters;
  • Double-crane operations;
  • Instant feedback from SPS on the crane limits and cargo clearance from the deck, obstacles and other cargo;
  • Visually monitor ship’s stability parameters and floating position in real time when moving cargo with cranes.

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